PL Font Changer – လၢႆႈၾွၼ်ႉပၢင်လူင်

PL Font Changer - လၢႆႈၾွၼ်ႉပၢင်လူင် 1

PL Font Changer is a font App that can help user change font on their Android device. Easy to use and simple design.

Fonts included:
– PangLong
– Namkhone Web Pro
– Nam Teng
– Pyidaungsu

Support on Samsung, Oppo, Vivo and Huewai. User can use on lasted OS of Android.

* Samsung *
– Android 7, 8, 9 supported.

– Lasted ColorOS supported.

– Lasted Funtouch OS supported.

* Huewai *
– Lasted version supported.

# Credit to All fonts that are using in PL Font Changer App.

If you help any problem within this App, you can contact me by the following address. If you want to add your ttf file in PL Font Changer App, you can sent into my email.


PL Font Changer - လၢႆႈၾွၼ်ႉပၢင်လူင် 2

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